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Intuitive connection: predictive action

The intuitive connection ensures an essential neutrality to silence the mind. It is based on the association of a modified state of consciousness and a target, a question inserted into a closed envelope.

The modified state of consciousness is a psychic phenomenon that allows me to activate my sixth sense, and thus connect with the other side of reality. This manifestation is characterized by a narrowing of the field of consciousness, an intentionality helping to live a situation, a fact, in the past (retrocognition), as in the future (precognition).  

The closed envelope contains the subject, the question of which I have no knowledge. Indeed, during the unfolding of the session of pure clairvoyance , the use of a closed envelope allows me to suppress subjective thoughts and thus activate the good mechanisms of the mind. Otherwise, I could be influenced by my knowledge, my prejudices, my personal beliefs, which would truncate the understanding of extrasensory perceptions and which could block the activation of my sixth sense.

Clairvoyance requires connecting to channels that can be called: intuitive channels. Indeed, each element of the Universe is attached to its own Life path channels.

To describe these channels, we can take the example of a “Life” train that follows a “Life path” track in order to follow its “destiny” journey. This train is made up of multiple wagons. Each car is equipped with windows allowing to observe the outside, the landscapes, the events, the stages,...

The intuitive channel allows me to "get on" a wagon of this train and look out the window to describe to you the facts, the elements, the encounters, the actions, the actions: past, present, future.


The closed envelope ensures absolute neutrality. It allows a spontaneous, fluid and efficient intuitive connection.


Reception by email of an Audio or Video file in order to download pure clairvoyance in complete safety. 


Possibility of listening or viewing pure clairvoyance without any constraint or limitation in time.


Each pure clairvoyance is strictly confidential.  

Sent only to the email address provided.

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