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Tchat Ligne Rouge | Bruno Moulin-Groleau

Advice from consultants: in-office and remote consultations 

Discover the opinions posted on various websites, but also received by our services. Opinions are submitted by the public under the full responsibility of their authors. For reasons of confidentiality, the city indicated by the consultant is sometimes modified. Submit a review by clicking here .

  • Fabienne - France

Thank you Mr. Bruno moulin Groleau following a request for clairvoyance in private about Three or four years ago that we do not measure time and well what you told me has finally come true A big thank you and what you told me allowed me to be patient all these years because I had complete confidence in you.

  • Masha - Bayonne

Hello, I would like to come back to you for a very quick return for my clairvoyance #1322. My question is only a few days old. Bruno replied that I will certainly have two practically identical proposals and that I would have to make a choice. This morning I had my interview: I was offered two similar positions and I have to choose one!!! As predicted there is a catch, so I think before making a decision.  Bruno was incredibly close, I still can't believe it. Thank him a thousand times from me since his predictions are positive concerning my professional future and for that I remain confident thanks to him, he helped me a lot to stay calm.

  • Alessio - Liege  Belgium

Hello, Mr Bruno Moulin Groleau is the only seer who really helps me. Everything he perceives and sees is breathtakingly accurate! Cheer. Highly recommend!! Session #810.

  • Solange - Nantes

It's still unclear to me, but I...  Thank you a little word 🙏💘❤❤❤  Session #1151.

  • Christiane - La Rochelle

Breathtaking ! Session #834.

  • Angel - Lyon

This clairvoyant is out of the ordinary, I consulted him several times and he always identified the situation in an incredible way. His predictions are always accurate.

  • Iris-Paris

For about 3 years I have been consulting Mr. Moulin Groleau for several reasons and believe me that his words correspond perfectly to the questioning. I wish him all the best for the future and strongly advise him. Session #1020.

  • Isabelle - Blois  

Session #1140. Very very very very very very very very well I am very happy with this first contact.😁

  • Christine - Versailles  

Just to tell you that I am very moved by the clairvoyance #1137 that I have just received. Not only does this help me answer my question, but beyond that simple question there were much deeper questions that you did more than answer me. It's a bandage you put on my heart. I didn't even know who I was anymore and if I was a good person. It's amazing that you were able to feel those deeper questions that lay behind the question of the envelope. "Who am I?", "Am I a good person?", "What is my mission in life?".  What you transmitted to me helps me to forgive myself for being in the situation in which I am. I find the path to my failed destiny, even if the road will certainly be long. I am firmly convinced that this clairvoyance had to be listened to at this precise period, at this precise turning point in my life. There are many keywords that have been strikingly true and that correspond perfectly to what I have experienced and what I am going through. It resonates a lot. Thank you for the tears I am shedding. It's a lot of emotions. I don't know how to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for your kindness and dedication. I hope  that you are aware of the help you bring to people. I feel like it's done with a lot of heart, compassion  and humility. I sincerely wish you to be surrounded by love, kindness and good vibes. I send you all my best thoughts to you and your team which I think must be in your image since they accompany you. Thank you.

  • Isabelle - Niort

Thank you so much for your quick insight #1139 and your gesture, I am very touched. It's just right and it corresponds perfectly to my current situation. I hope you don't mind, I'm doing a little summary to tell you how good your clairvoyance sounds and resonates.

  • Isabelle - Bastia Corsica

I have received clairvoyance #1135. A big thank you to you and to Bruno who saw very well! I recommend it around me, it is truly exceptional!

  • Myriam - Paris

A big thank you for your clairvoyance #1081 which is so accurate! You have captured the situation perfectly. I exercised my profession with pleasure… but after… devoted to other activities, I no longer want to resume. Your clairvoyance has relieved me.  Once again thank you very much ,  Myriam.

  • Angelique -  Nimes

I received Bruno #1079's foresight well, and as always, he hit the mark and allows me to see my future more clearly. A big thanks to him. Best regards.


  • Iris-Paris

In my clairvoyance video session #1075, the fact of having answered…is totally true. You made a perfect diagnosis. For my part, I have always admired your gift because it is genuine. And on the other side I suspect that it takes away a lot of energy from you at each session. Once again many thanks.

  • Laurence - Privas

Hello Mr Moulin Groleau, I listen to your clairvoyance #1077 over and over again, it brings me a lot of peace in relation to... Thank you a thousand times and allow me to embrace you affectionately.

  • Frederic - Nice

Thank you very much for all you do and your impeccable professionalism! Command #890.

  • Nathalie - Gingham

Hello Bruno, I received my consultation #834. You are exceptional and I don't know how to thank you because your foresight helps me a lot to move forward. For oneself, one is often blind, lost in the fog of doubt. Thank you again, and I wish you great success and much happiness.  

  • Christiane - Saumur

Hello Bruno, I have received your #811 audio consultation and thank you for it. Your clairvoyance is extraordinary. Thank you very much again 🙏.  

  • Colette - Strasbourg

I listened carefully to my intuitive clairvoyance #807. Bruno was not mistaken. He is indeed my Son, and it is hard. With all my thanks.

  • Magali - Saint Laurent de la Salanque

Hello Bruno, You gave me a clairvoyance session #110 in February 2020. This one makes sense today. Thank you !

  • Farida Mathilde - Paris

Hello,  I just listened to my video #805. I wanted to give you my opinion:  You are extraordinary Bruno.  You have seen very correctly!  I am delighted for the future that will present itself and in which I recognize myself.  Thank you very much and congratulations you are stunning.

  • Christiane - La Rochelle

Thank you Bruno, you are exceptional. You find in a few sentences the right answers to my situation and my questions. And I also appreciate your commitment to the defense of animals with the L214 Association. I am sensitive to Men (and Women) of Heart. Again a big thank you, because you allow me "to see more clearly". #559.

  • Nicole - Dijon

My review order #541:

A man of integrity, courageous, humble despite his gift. No doubt to have. Effective help from him. His clairvoyances are not easy. How brave !  I thank him very much. He will not cease to be in my best thoughts. Mr. Bruno Moulin Groleau devotes himself to us 7 days a week, but he takes a lot of time. Very cordially and sincerely.


  • Annie - Brest

All my thanks to Bruno for his integrity and kindness! #560.

  • Dominica - Boulogne-sur-Mer

Hello, I thank Bruno very much for the speed of his clairvoyance, and above all for the content that confirms to me where I should direct my life. Internally I was aware of it, but there was no self-confidence. Bruno read me like an open book and boosted me to make sense of it. All my gratitude Bruno as well as your gift to serve humanity. #551.





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