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Qui est Bruno Moulin-Groleau ? | Voyant Médium Tours France
Bruno Moulin-Groleau voyant médium

Bruno Moulin-Groleau: who is this clairvoyant medium?

Bruno Moulin-Groleau Voyant Médium | Tours France

Personal sheet

Identity: Bruno Moulin-Groleau.

Born: September 29, 1971.

French nationality.

Height: 1.73m.

Astrological sign: Libra rising Sagittarius.

Profession: Seer medium.

I like: Justice, peace, benevolence.

I don't like: Injustice, lies,  bullfight.

My dream: That there is no more animal suffering.

My nightmare: May animal suffering be present for eternity.


As far back as I can remember, mediumship has always inspired me.

I was a sensitive and lonely little child. My mother falls seriously ill, I am only three years old. When I was barely six years old, I was already confronted with death, that of my mother.

After his death, I stayed in the hospital without the doctors being able to put a name to the illness from which I suffered. And me, what can I understand, in my little child's head, in this state of distress in which I find myself? No doubt that the death of my mother is for me a mystery that I cannot elucidate, death being an abstract notion for very young children. The violence of this disappearance and the feeling of abandonment that I felt certainly contributed to developing, in the depths of my Being, this particular sensitivity necessary to practice pure clairvoyance .

From an early age, I discovered the world of spirituality through emotions and troubles that differentiated me from others. I have sudden reactions like in primary school where I too often have to leave the class for inappropriate behavior and have disrupted the lesson by showing my excess "energy". Neurologists then diagnose cerebral hyperactivity. As an adult, I still have this feeling of receiving like an energy, a disruptive force that passes through my body, without being able to control it.

I am a classical school, then by alternation (in the food trades): it is without any doubt at this time that I become aware that the man is capable of the worst towards the animals!

As an adult, I work in various professional sectors without really being able to fulfill myself. Obviously, I seek to harmonize my spiritual approach with my moral values. Over the course of meetings, travels, readings, I listen to my inner voice which pushes me to share with others my gift of clairvoyance. If my goal in life is to practice pure clairvoyance , my life path first directed me to tarology.

Why not follow in the footsteps of my great-grandmother Victorine, and my mother Arlette?

Victorine, chatelaine Bourguignonne, practiced clairvoyance for everyone and magnetism in hospitals. She had also transmitted this gift to my mother Arlette who shared it in addition to her professional activity.

Although this practice is worthy of esteem, I turn away from this family heritage because I want to go beyond reading the cards. I want to work differently in complete neutrality, using another medium and freeing myself from the "alphabet" of the tarot.

It was then that I decided to develop my sixth sense and I had the chance to meet Maud Kristen  clairvoyant. She was able to reveal to me and share the keys to help me develop my action through intuitive connection .


This is how I managed to go beyond the borders of reality, by creating a break with the artifices and traps often present in fortune-telling. Developing my sixth sense allowed me to renew myself to start on new bases and overcome the barriers of space and time.

By this personal and particular project, favorable to all, the accomplishment of which depends on my ability to rediscover my deepest desires. I develop my extrasensory abilities every day to make this practice a real vocation.

Each session of pure clairvoyance  is a new experience, a plunge into the unknown.





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