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Help: frequently asked questions

1. Singularity of pure clairvoyance.

Pure clairvoyance is a singular action that it is useful to respect. The answer that will be given to you will require becoming aware of the unconsciously expected answer. Indeed, the subtle energy shared  during the transmission of  the question will generate an unequivocal answer, sometimes requiring decryption in connection with the deep questioning. The intuitive connection makes it possible to describe the elements, the impressions, the sensations in connection with the questioning. The objective is to capture and transmit words, terms, expressions, perceptions, feelings related to this questioning, sometimes in a metaphorical way.

2. What is clairvoyance with intuitive connection?

The intuitive connection ensures an essential neutrality to silence the mind. It is based on the association of a modified state of consciousness and a target, a question inserted into a closed envelope. The modified state of consciousness is a psychic phenomenon that allows me to develop my sixth sense and thus establish the connection with the other side of reality. This manifestation is characterized by a narrowing of the field of consciousness, an intentionality helping to live a situation, a fact, in the past (retrocognition), as in the future (precognition).  

3. Why use a closed envelope?

The closed envelope contains the subject, the question of which I have no knowledge. This allows me to practice my action "blindly", in complete neutrality. Indeed, during the unfolding of the pure clairvoyance session , the use of a closed envelope allows me to suppress subjective thoughts and thus activate the right mechanisms of the mind. Otherwise, I could be influenced by my knowledge, my prejudices, my personal beliefs, which would truncate the understanding of extrasensory perceptions and which could block the activation of my sixth sense.

4. Can I get an emergency consultation?

Every day I have a clairvoyance capital. As soon as I have used this capital and in order to preserve my extrasensory abilities, I cease my action of clairvoyance. Indeed, otherwise I have difficulty activating my sixth sense. Through the practice of clairvoyance on a daily basis, I have to respect strict rules in respect of my consultants and the code of ethics . As a result, the "Delivery 🔴" offer can  be deleted at any time without notice.

5. What are the areas that can be treated?

All areas can be addressed for Individuals, Professionals, Companies and Institutions.

6. What are the advantages of the proposed offers?

- The closed envelope ensures absolute neutrality. It allows a spontaneous, fluid and efficient intuitive connection.

- Reception by email of a file in order to securely download the consultation.

- Possibility of listening to or viewing the consultation without any limitation or constraint in time.

- Each consultation is strictly confidential.

- Sent only to the email address provided.

7. Does pure clairvoyance have limits?

During a session of pure clairvoyance I capture the target with gaps, movements, very rapid changes between space and time. In 1 second I can go from one situation to another, morning or evening, from one year to another. A man, an animal, a place, a plant, an object, are elements (targets) composing the Universe. They all have their particularities, their specificities being able to be very vast and varied. As a seer, I must keep reason and remain humble in the face of this singular action which may seem magical and which I must remind has its limits. The process of clairvoyance is like an act of difficult memory.God makes everything happen at the right time. He also gave humans the desire to know both the past and the future. Yet they cannot know all of what God does.

8. Does the pure clairvoyance consultation make it possible to obtain precise details?

At each clairvoyance session, I perceive facts of images, as in a memory. I could compare this perception to chapters in a book. So I guide you and tell you the main lines of the field concerned. You will then discover for yourself the details of the various chapters announced.

9. Does the pure clairvoyance consultation make it possible to capture space and time?

Learn more by clicking here .


10. How is the order made?

After selecting the desired service, the consultant is automatically directed to a form to send his question. The dedicated service sends it to Bruno Moulin-Groleau in a closed envelope, so that he can carry out the pure clairvoyance consultation by Audio or Video recording .

11. How to ask your question?

A properly asked question ensures crystal clear insight in correlation to the question. I advise you  to sit in a quiet place and relax. Then write your question on a sheet of paper, then think very strongly about your question by saying it 3 times out loud. Keep the sheet until receipt of the consultation. You can then fill out the form. Bruno Moulin-Groleau will thus respond to the energy of your questioning, in all impartiality. If your question needs to be modified, the dedicated service comes back to you and offers you a reformulated question.

12. How to transmit information in order to benefit from a session of pure clairvoyance?

You can also use the following link by clicking here .

13. How will I receive my Audio or Video order?

You will receive an email from our partner WeTransfer. In this email a link will allow you to download your session of pure clairvoyance Audio under "WAV/MP3 file" or Video under "MP4 file". Since October 2021, we are committed to keeping a copy of your pure clairvoyance session for a period of 365 days. During this period, at any time and free of charge, you can request a copy of a previous consultation by clicking here .

14. How to transmit the information in order to benefit from a session of vibratory intention?

You can also use the following link by clicking here .

15. What is the duration of a consultation by Audio or Video recording?

Intuitive connection is a process of accuracy  extrasensory,  occasioning  an important and exhausting emotional charge. The duration of the session is therefore more concise than a traditional clairvoyance session (tarots, oracles, etc.).

16. How long does it take to receive my pure clairvoyance consultation?

When placing the order, you have the option of selecting a delivery time.

17. What is the amount of the fees for a pure clairvoyance consultation  ?

You have the possibility of taking note of the fees in  clicking here .

18. What is the participation fee for a vibrational intention session?

You have the possibility of taking note of the fees in  clicking here .

19. Is it possible to get a copy of my Audio on CD or Video on DVD consultation?

On request and free of charge, you have the option of receiving a copy of your pure clairvoyance on CD or DVD. The delivery is carried out by the services of the Post office in letter followed towards France and DOM & TOM, and priority letter for all other destinations.

20. ​​​ The |Order| is unavailable?

During a large number of requests, access to the store is temporarily blocked. We advise you to come back to the site a little later.


21. ​​​ How can I pay for the order?

You can pay by:

- Credit card (cash).

- PayPal | Bank card (cash or 4 times free of charge).

- Check € (cash or 2 times free of charge).

- S€PA transfer (cash), only on request in  clicking here .

- Western Union (cash).

22. How do I order pure clairvoyance by Audio or Video recording?

You have the possibility to order in  clicking here .  

23. How to benefit from a vibrational intention session?

You can take advantage of the offer by  clicking here .  

24. Is it possible to obtain a consultation by telephone?

No, that's not possible.

25. You have not found the answer to your question?

Make a request by  email . You will receive an answer within 24 hours. Telephone reception from France on 06 59 38 30 66, from abroad on 00 33 659 383 066.  





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