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Clairvoyance Pure Audio ou Vidéo Bruno Moulin-Groleau Voyant Médium Tours France
Clairvoyance à Distance | Bruno Moulin-Groleau Voyant Médium | Tours Paris France

Pure clairvoyance: all areas

Consultants from mainland France and overseas, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, the United States States, Canada or Australia have trusted me for many years. This is why I offer pure clairvoyance consultations remotely by Audio or Video recording in order to give everyone, regardless of their country of residence, the opportunity to be able to consult me according to my personal practices.


Clairvoyance is a complex action, very delicate because intersubjectivity can easily induce phenomena of suggestion and therefore manipulation of consciousness.  

To avoid any subjectivity, I only practice pure clairvoyance .  blindly  »  by intuitive connection . This action ensures a barrier to all information from the five senses and removes the coding that could reach my consciousness. Deprived of sensory information, the intuitive connection is then spontaneous, fluid and constant, ensuring an opening towards the other side of reality. This singular connection is based on the association of a modified state of consciousness and a target, a question inserted in a closed envelope.

I see as a memory. First I have a black hole, then images, details arise: movements, noises, smells, sensations,... The visions appear to me like on cinematographic film, in the form of rapid and discontinuous.


​​​ I start the consultation by detailing the events of the "past present*" then, in a second step, I detail the events of the "present future*"

I undertake to apply my  charter of good conduct , in order to respect everyone's freedom. I will not carry out any commercial approach with the consultants. The pure clairvoyance consultation will be sent to you by email in Audio* or Video* format. All of my action is carried out by pure clairvoyance, from a closed envelope containing the domain selected by the consultant.

My singular action is suitable for Individuals, Companies, Professionals and Institutions.  

*depending on the selected offer.


The closed envelope ensures absolute neutrality. It allows a spontaneous, fluid and efficient intuitive connection.


Reception by email of an Audio or Video file in order to download pure clairvoyance in complete safety. 


Possibility of listening or viewing pure clairvoyance without any constraint or limitation in time.


Each pure clairvoyance is strictly confidential.  

Sent only to the email address provided.

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